Independence Day

//Independence Day

Independence Day


Independence Day is right around the corner. If you’re planning to host a Fourth of July barbecue make sure your deck is in perfect condition for summertime fun!

Inspecting the structure – Check your deck to make sure it’s sturdy enough to support you and your guests.

Cleaning ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING™ TECHNOLOGY Railing Systems – All surfaces shall be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, and no cloth shall be harsher than natural bristle brushes. Usual maintenance cleaning may be done using water with a mild detergent (pH 5 to 8).

Cleaning the deck – If you have any stains on your deck from leftover debris like leaves, you can use deck brightener to help return its rich color.

Grilling safety – It’s only fair to assume that you’ll be grilling for your guests on your deck this Fourth of July. Set up your grill at least several feet from the house and ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING™ TECHNOLOGY Railing System, away from areas highly trafficked by kids or pets. Charcoal grills shouldn’t be used on a wooden deck, though gas grills can be, as long as the hot part of the grill isn’t touching any wood.

Lighting your outdoor space – All great parties last into the evening, and lighting can quickly become an issue since you want to ensure your guests’ safety while also keeping a pleasant ambiance. Make sure your outdoor living space is well-lit for safety with ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING™ TECHNOLOGY Post Cap Lights.

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